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It is meant to make you feel how the characters felt. See all 5 questions about Calling Me Home…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4.

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Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Calling Me Home. I hope you enjoy Calling Me Home! Thank you for reading and spreading the word if you like it! View all comments. This was a book that completely flew under my radar. I listened to this book on audio and the narrators did a fantastic job.

They captured Isabelle and Dorrie perfectly.


Because I had. Going into reading this, be prepared to FEEL. Calling Me Home is an epic love story. Isabelle is a young white girl living in Kentucky.

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At that time, not only was it forbidden to be with someone of another race, it was illegal and dangerous for both parties. Dorrie has problems of her own, but listening to Ms. You will smile, cry, and your heart might shatter. This was one of those books that made me completely break down. I wish I could say I just teared up or just cried- but it was more like a sobbing type of cry. I just loved this story so much. I loved the characters, the writing, and everything about it.

It was worth every bit of pain I felt while reading. This is one I will be recommending to everyone. I think no matter what type of books you read, this is one you should pick up.

View all 67 comments. Update: A good friend is going to read this I'm excited.. I cried like a baby!!! I wish Julie Kibler would write another book.

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Don't even try to guess the ending.. Of 'who' the ladies are traveling to see and why. You won't figure it out.

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I promise. THEN their heart is made of stone! View all 43 comments. Dec 04, Lady Vigilante Feifei rated it it was amazing Shelves: i-love-my-friends , dark-taboo-forbidden-reads , this-is-for-ana , women-s-fiction , favorites , i-trust-my-friends , cry-me-a-river , historical-schmorical , special-and-precious , sweet-hero. Without a doubt, this is a book that will be on my best books read in list. The content and sensitive topics explored were extremely 5 stars!!!

The content and sensitive topics explored were extremely thought-provoking, the heartbreaking forbidden romance both shattered my heart and mended it, and the historical backdrop of the book made the story feel so real, like I was transported in the world the author created and was a silent bystander who experienced everything the characters did. They leaped off the pages and seeped deep into my heart, crippling me with the stark truth behind the ugly reality presented in the story. And even though all of this is fictional, the impression left afterwards is sure to impact minds and hearts alike, invigorating readers to not let the tragedies and ostracism in the story reoccur in reality.

Of course, not every book that tackles interracial romance and segregation will make a profound impact on me. The tale follows a road trip where an 80 year old Isabelle is heading to a funeral with Dorrie, her 30 something year old hairdresser. And even with Dorrie experiencing her own troubles with her boyfriend and children, she still embarks on this road trip with Isabelle, realizing that her old friend will need her for support.

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This way, both women are given an equal voice and keeps the story balanced and me invested. The fact that the story is set during World War II also heightens the pure desperation, the longing and love these two experience. From the beginning and little by little, I could sense my heart splintering in pieces while outwardly maintaining a calm appearance. Gradually, my throat was painfully clogged up, eyes welled with unshed tears, and mouth slightly quivering.

It seemed like with each new obstacle uncovered in the story, a heavy weight would be dropped onto my heart until it completely crushed three quarters into the story and I could not stop sobbing after that point. And when I got to the very end, I closed the book feeling three distinct emotions: sadness, contentment, and determination. Immense sadness for all the injustice the characters suffered and their jagged pain. Content because the story came full circle and left me with a teary smile on my face.

And determination to not let the mistakes in the story be repeated in the present, at least not by me, and to bring more awareness to the topics explored in the book because sadly, they still permeate society today. Everyone needs to read this book. Love is love, regardless of race, gender, age, and background. This is the first 5 star rating I've given in 2 months. This was my first Southern fiction novel and also my first novel with an interracial romance.

All I can say is that I found it very captivating. Practically there are two storylines, both of them interesting and wonderfully done.

Over the years, despite the many differences between them the two women became great friends. She only knows she was married for a long time and her husband and son already died. When Isabelle asks the younger woman to accompany her to a funeral in Cincinnati, Dorrie is ready to help her friend, despite of her own family troubles.

Like I mentioned before the story is told both in the past and present. Both her and Robert knew the consequences, but when the heart wants what it wants, you try to do anything possible to be with the one you believe is your soul mate, your one true love. It evoked so many emotions in me. Needless to say it make me feel. Really feel! And it broke my heart. I was left speechless. It was that kind of the story for me. I loved the dual POV and both story lines. The story was balanced and I have to say I liked even if most of the time it was frustrating as hell how some chapters from past ended.

It definitely kept my interest. Both Isabelle and Dorrie felt real and both were endearing characters. I loved Isabelle, both in the past and in the present. But love is love and love is everything, right? Old Isabelle is likeable, funny, wise, smart and so, so strong. She amazed with her strength. Dorrie was likeable as well. She tries to a good mother, she really does, but sometimes, especially as a single mother, is hard to manage everything. I really admired her for that. Her new man seems too good to be true. I really sympathize with her.

The beautiful friendship between these two women, because it really was beautiful, warmed my heart. It was great to see them interact with each other and trust each other with their secrets. I also enjoyed their bickering.

Bob bellows arlington texas white pages
Bob bellows arlington texas white pages
Bob bellows arlington texas white pages
Bob bellows arlington texas white pages
Bob bellows arlington texas white pages
Bob bellows arlington texas white pages
Bob bellows arlington texas white pages
Bob bellows arlington texas white pages

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