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A dramatic arts group? Know something about the wider family? Try running a search on Ancestry.

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Looking for an old school friend? Try Classmates. The A. Field Guide.

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David Nield. Filed to: online. Share This Story. This will eliminate irrelevant search results. White Pages will give you current and some previous addresses and will sometimes give you names of other residents in the household. Make sure this information matches the information the person you are searching on gave you.

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Next, try Pipl. This site searches the deep Internet and unearths pages the person may have created on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. These two popular sites can deliver a wealth of personal information, much of it offered by the author himself. You can search for birth, marriage, divorce and death records using online vital statistics sites such as familysearch. Be aware that many of the online sites only allow the information to be shared with the parties involved.

You can also conduct searches of financial, court and driving records, but again, some states restrict access to the information. Engage an online professional background check service. For a fee, these companies will scour databases and records to turn up information on criminal records, vital statistics, and previous addresses and aliases.

The small cost could be worth the time you would have spent. If you are searching on more than one person, use a service that offers unlimited searches for one price. If you need a thorough criminal background check, you can get more information from city and county criminal records, state criminal courts, databases for the National Department of Corrections and Sex Offenders and the OFAC Patriot Act database.

The information available varies from state to state. If you go on believing false or incorrect information, you're doing yourself and your target a disservice. It's important to remember that your goal is to find truth and not just anything at all. A good way to make sure you don't miss anything important is to use multiple search engines. These days it can be easy to just fall back on Google and never look anywhere else. You'll likely find that using multiple search engines will make it easier to find additional results you would have missed.

Sometimes you'll just have the top ten organized differently and you won't discover anything new, but generally there will be a page or two that one search engine considers far more important than another. Make sure you check more than one to avoid missing something that matters. In general, you'll want to stick to finding information that's publicly available using the methods described above. An email address or Twitter handle can lead to usernames on more niche sites and forums so you can find a lot this way.

Step 1: Check Google Search

However, if you're not finding much you can often fill in a lot of the blanks with the help of Facebook. Ideally your acquaintance is someone you'll feel comfortable friending yourself and you can gain access to their profile and wall—or at least portions of it—by sending a simple request.

If that's not an option, however, you can pretend to be someone else.

Step 2: Set Up a Google Alert

More specifically, an attractive stranger. First things first: this is a fairly deceptive method and kind of a creepy thing to do.

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For the most part, you should never hunt down information about people by tricking them. That said, there are some circumstances where protecting yourself justifies being a little creepy, so use your own judgment because you essentially become a detestable Facebook stalker.

6 Best Totally Free People Search Sites Online

This method is pretty simple: you just create a fake account and use it to send a friend request to the the person you're investigating. It helps to have an attractive photo, some mutual friends, and similar interests. You want to be casual when sending the request, and if it doesn't work out don't push it. This is a last-ditch effort and definitely encroaches on a person's privacy.

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Only do it if you have a good reason and everything else has failed. Most people live at least somewhat in public these days, and the other methods should serve you well without the need to resort to deception. Got any other great ways to vet people online to make sure they're not nuts?

2. Search “” in DuckDuckGo

Let us know in the comments. Twitter's the best way to contact him, too. The A. Adam Dachis. Filed to: Search Techniques.

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