History of car safety seats

It was a requirement for all seats to be held by safety belts and to include a harness to hold the child into the seat. But, there was no crash testing for these seats. There were laws regarding child seats in the UK and this was that it was compulsory for a child under the age of three to be in a car seat. Children under the age of twelve were also able to sit in the front of the car without a car seat.

They also reported that a popular car seat by Mothercare was being sold to parents despite receiving a safety rating of 0. Out of One in ten parents said they stopped using car seats by the time they had their third birthday. To think these reports came from this century, car seat safety has come miles in the past decade.

Finally in more laws were introduced that made our children much safer.

Child safety seat

Under the law, all children under the age of 12 had to use some form of car seat unless they were taller than cm 4ft 5in. You can find out how the BBC reported on these changes here if not just to see what the BBC website looked like in …. It has only been this year that the car seat laws have changed again. As of March 1st, your child must use a child car seat until they are 12 years old or cm. However, these car seats must be seats with a diagonal seatbelt. So the aim of the new law is to phase out backless booster seats. Booster seats were appropriate for any child above 15kg, which can happen at the age of 4 years old.

So this new law is to improve safety for your child. The law also states that any child under 9kg should travel in a baby carrier and if your child is 15 months old then they must sit in a rear-facing seat. It should be noted that this law is for going forward.


As in, you can still have your child on a booster seat and you will not get fined for it. Shops will also still be able to sell old stock. We have an article going into more detail about the new car seat laws, which you can read here. They were originally designed for convenience and to simply keep your child still when you were driving. Now, however, they are an essential part of keeping your child safe. Absolute madness. The latest in car seat innovation? Volvo unveiled an inflatable car seat a few years ago.

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  7. The history of the child car seat We take a look at the history of child car safety Home Learning Centre The history of the child car seat. When was the first car seat built? When was the first safety car seat built? The Ford Tot-Guard.

    When were laws on car seats first introduced? Child seat laws in the UK. What are the new car seat laws? About Latest Posts.

    Are you more likey "not' to wear a seatbelt in the back seat?

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    The history of car safety. The first optional headrests for the front seat arrive.


    History of Car-Seat Safety in the United States | Fatherly

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    History of car safety seats
    History of car safety seats
    History of car safety seats
    History of car safety seats
    History of car safety seats
    History of car safety seats

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