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Create Alert. Share This Paper. Tables and Topics from this paper. Citations Publications citing this paper. Adolescent Sexual Offending Barry R. Burkhart , Patrick K. Juvenile sex offender treatment programs: inside the walls of juvenile sex offenders Jade Johnson. The effects of specialized treatment on the recidivism of juvenile sex offenders: a systematic review and meta-analysis Heather Hensman Kettrey , Mark Lipsey. Jodi L Viljoen , Andrew L. Prevention-enhancing interactions: a Critical Interpretive Synthesis of the evidence about children who sexually abuse other children.

References Publications referenced by this paper. Juvenile Arrests [forthcoming. Predicting relapse: a meta-analysis of sexual offender recidivism studies. Randall K. Hanson , Monique T. Exploring taboos comparing male- and female-perpetrated child sexual abuse. Becker J.

Female sexual offenders: Clinical, legal and policy issues.

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Forensic Psychol. Clements H.

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  • The Voices of Young Sexual Offenders in Norway: A Qualitative Study.
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Elizabeth - From The Prison To The Palace - Part 1 of 4 (British History Documentary) - Timeline

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Sex Offenders And Sexual Offenders

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Is Juvenile Sex Offenders?

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Child Abuse Negl.


Juvenile delinquency - Wikipedia

Miccio-Fonseca L. Adult and adolescent female sex offenders: Experiences compared to other female and male sex offenders. Sandler J. Typology of female sex offenders: A test of Vandiver and Kercher. Offender and victim characteristics of registered female sexual offenders in Texas: A proposed typology of female sexual offenders. Women who sexually abuse children. Violence Vict. Female sex offenders: Clinical and demographic features. Lewis C. Women accused of sexual offenses.

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    Center for Sex Offender Management.

    Is a Registry for Juvenile Sex Offenders a Form of ‘Child Abuse’?

    Department of Justice Female Sex Offenders. Hunter J. Sexual deviance in females. In: Laws D.

    juvenile offender proposal research sex write Juvenile offender proposal research sex write
    juvenile offender proposal research sex write Juvenile offender proposal research sex write
    juvenile offender proposal research sex write Juvenile offender proposal research sex write
    juvenile offender proposal research sex write Juvenile offender proposal research sex write
    juvenile offender proposal research sex write Juvenile offender proposal research sex write

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