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Very cool. I used City Directories to find my birth family. Thank God for the City Directories or I would not have found them.

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Facebook helped too. Many, many thanks for this great resource! How can I access this info? Hi Jane, great job! Any ideas? Hi Donna. Those mysterious letter-number codes in later directories are phone numbers, or more precisely an exchange code and number. So, this is not the Wilson Avenue we think of today, but one now renamed Wilson Park Road, running north and south between King and Queen Streets, just east of Roncesvalles in the west end of the city. Interesting that the telephone exchange code can provide that clarification! Hi Mark. Directories are books and should be cited as such, using whatever style guide you have chosen, with a page number of course.

If you are using an online version of the directory, the url should be part of the citation. Hi Sharron. The main reason and later city directories for Toronto and most other places are not online is because the copyright has not expired.

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A secondary reason is that the modern directories are enormous—thousands of pages. It would be a very major project for any institution to take on. If you are in or near Toronto, the directories are available at the Toronto Reference Library. Otherwise, check with major public libraries or university libraries in your area. Can someone please tell me what they mean? Thank you so much for these directories…they are much appreciated. I have been able to find the family I have been looking for and followed them from onward.

Great site! Could anyone assist me with an online resource. The property description will retain the former township name. Hi Carolyn. As far as I know, Toronto telephone directories for the s have not been digitized. However, they were published for libraries and archives on microfiche by Bell Canada, so I suggest you check university libraries in your area of the UK. They do that sort of research for a small fee. All that said, if you are using the Voters Lists on Ancestry, you should know that they are very badly indexed with many sections missed entirely.

Try browsing through, page by page, particularly if you have an address. Good luck with your research! Great site ….. Reference Library will also do a free city directory look up for you via email….

City Directories and Selected Telephone Books: Genealogy: New York State Library

These Toronto directories used to be online years ago and easily accessed but then were gone. They moved far too often! This is a great resource.

Thank you so much. I am actually looking for Meadowood in Clarkson. Do you know if it is in any of the editions that you have posted? Thank you in advance.

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Hi Denise. Clarkson, once a small settlement with a post office was located in Toronto Township rather than the City of Toronto. From the Type list on the left, select eBooks and online content.

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Yesterday I was so surprised and thankful to see the directories on this site up to ! A big convenience to my family research! I agree. They are a wonderful resource for Toronto researchers. I live in New York City. Can I access online the Toronto city directories for the years and for Gelbart. How can I do that? Hi Madeleine.

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You can view the directories by clicking on the links in the chart in the post. Hi Roma. Look up Ernest Grygar in the alphabetical list of names. That will give you the address. Be a bit flexible with spelling. How does the search work. Does it only search the page you are looking at or the whole directory? The book itself is too blurry for me to read. So I will have to search. Hi Tanya. The ones on archive. However, city directories are arranged alphabetically by design, so the best way is to use the directory as it was intended by the compilers, by turning pages until you get to the right letter.

The directory scans are crisp. If you find one that is blurry, please write to the site that hosts the volume. Hi Jane — I really find the telephone directories a great resource.

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I had a laugh out loud when you said …. Thanks Jane. This website is great. Hi Marilyn. What a great source for we genealogists. I am looking for the biological parents of a friend.

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