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10.) The $10 Million LA Junkyard Mercedes

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However, there is only a few items that are truly rare here. The 7-Up Mustang probably has the highest level of collector interest. Prowlers are pretty much common museum pieces at this point. The F Harley-Davidson vehicles are still all too common, and low mileage, here in the south. Overall there is a fantastic concentration of ye olde sport coupes and sports cars in this collection.

There is virtually nothing that is rare, or experimental, or imported. The lowest mileage 1st gen Insight and Prius I could find. The 1st two generations of the Toyota MR2 would likely do quite well. So would a 1st gen Toyota Supra if you could find one rare enough. I also think that a few high spec conversion vans may be worth considering for the same reason. Would I make a nickel?

Probably not. But maybe if I built my name a bit and drove them enough to enjoy life, the money would be well spent. Good list, I think the most difficult one will be the EV-1 shell. Although electrical demons are only fun for so long, ya know? Noticed you mentioned the Celica All-Trac. I agree that over time the Lincoln Blackwood will become collectible.

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  • Massive Barn Find in the Middle of the Woods - Hagerty Barn Find Hunter Discovery.

There are not many vehicle nameplates that have only been made for a single model year. I think that it will be collectible the way that Canadian Fords and Pontiacs are collectible. I have seen one or two or the same one again Blackwoods in my life. It looked like chintzy garbage in the worst way. Diddy ones? THOSE would be worth something. Cocaine is a hell of a drug and all. One guy bought two brand new black SLs. One he drove, the other he parked. Last I knew he still had both.

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It had about miles on it as of Family friend bought a Camaro ZL1 and immediately mothballed it. He straight out told me he bought it as an investment. The thing is the guy is 67 years old, so if it ever pays off it will be for his heirs. Younger family friend with a SVT Mustang and Porsche that he keeps in some weird inflatable plastic bubbles. The Mustang might work out.

The best ones are probably inadvertent. Drove it about mi through Europe then brought it stateside. Drove it like they stole it, loved it like a child, and maintained it like an aircraft for the next five years. As they keep reminding me, they were sick of hauling my car seat in and out of the back seat. Decades ago I knew a retired mailman who had a barn kept Chrysler collection. Highlights to my eyes were the Hurst and the K cross-ram. He had a couple other letters in that barn along with some air-porters and other Chrysler collectibles.

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The good stuff was on concrete, there was a dirt floored barn with rusting less valuables, and even some poor oddities with grass growing through them in the field. The Hurst was his baby. Nice guy with near encyclopedic Chrysler knowledge. Off the top of my head I think he could have acquired a million in Supras in the 90s and done pretty well, but who would ever have thought so? Those cars were too expensive to sell on the front end. I wonder what a Thunderbird S is supposed to be. In the end though barn finds can be a mess and I would rather find something that was treated with care because the savings on barn car is usually put into restoration to return them to a point where you want to drive it.

Not a chance , they watch those bullshyte T. I just liked Split Window Beetles. Sounds like mental health issues to me.

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  4. Barn find of a lifetime uncovers a fortune in vintage cars?
  5. Not to mention, most of these cars are probably still headed toward or at the bottom of their depreciation curves. Sounds like some guy lost his mind and wound up at the car dealer too often. When you factor in storage and insurance and cost of capital costs over several decades, it is almost certain that none of the speculators will ever make a penny, and they will certainly never get to enjoy these entertaining cars.

    Unfortunately, 30 years from now these zero-mileage cars will only be valuable because they have zero miles, which means the new owners will likely continue to store them indefinitely and they will never be used for their intended purpose until one day a flood, fire, tornado, or vandal destroys them. Cars are for driving, but generally bad investments.

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    Explore other popular stores near you from over 7 million businesses with over million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. The space we normally use for the Syracuse Barn Sales had a water main break and is unusable for several months. See more ideas about Barn finds, Best barns and Vehicles. Monday, April 15, Status, Verkauft. It will be replaced by the Alexandria Farmers Market on Saturdays at a yet to be announced location.

    Hagerty's latest episode of The Barn Find Hunter did just that, and in doing so, stumbled upon an incredible collection of cars classic cars, trucks and even memorabilia. Vote for your favorite games of the year in the 37th Golden Joystick Awards The B Rewarded program is free to join and will allow you to rack up points with every purchase. Our staff is trained for quick evacuations and we have plenty of exits.

    If you would like to discuss in detail you can always call us x If you like cheap motorbikes, trikes and bicycles, we'll show you where they are! Ram is aiming for the broad side of the barn with its new western-themed pickup.

    There used to be a restaurant called Race Rock in Orlando, NYC and, I think, Las Vegas that had dozens of famous race cars and motorcycles displayed in every imaginable manner, either suspended from the ceiling, mounted to the walls like the pair of NHRA top fuelers at the entrance to the dining room, or on platforms all around the place. Barn Find Hunter has been all over the United States, with Tom Cotter experiencing what you think is just about everything imaginable.

    Barn Find Collector Cars showcases some of the best barn finds of the past year and even tells some of the weird, wild, wacky stories of how they came to be. A barn-find Jaguar E-type 3. We lived up north and each summer we would come all that 17 September, Innenraum, black.

    No Buyers [ View Full Listing] When you choose Pottery Barn Kids as your registry for your baby shower or special event, you get access to an assortment of benefits. For those unfamiliar, barn finds are rare, abandoned cars that pop up over the course of the Horizon story. We invite you to visit for Southern hospitality and agriturismo.

    ultimate car barn find purchase Ultimate car barn find purchase
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    ultimate car barn find purchase Ultimate car barn find purchase
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    Ultimate car barn find purchase

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