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According to one dealer, UK pressings were of better sonic quality than their original US counterparts and so make a canny investment on both sides of the Atlantic.

Jazz attracts everyone from audiophile collectors to teenagers wanting to listen to Miles Davis through the medium of a dropped needle on an original copy of In A Silent Way. From free jazz via hard bop to cool jazz, all tastes are catered for. For such a classic album on a collectable label, Oh Yeah appears undervalued in the market. There is a healthy trade in rare UK-pressed Northern soul singles, with collectors happy to pay three-figure sums for rare demos and stock copies of singles from PP Arnold to Timi Yuro.

While these are a good investment, one recommended area of growth is releases on the Kent label in the 80s. If you pre-ordered your deluxe copy of the latest Radiohead album, The King Of Limbs, one way to ensure an increase in value would have been to not open the package when it was delivered. You should sit on it for a few years not literally then consider selling it.


That way you'll not only be offering a Mint LP for sale but also the pleasure of opening the package to the collector who buys it. Unless they decide not to open it as well. This strategy could apply to other albums with the potential to be regarded as future classics Make sure you have a Radiohead newspaper to sell with it as well. With the huge interest and prices for acid folk LPs the more traditional folk albums issued in England in the 70s and 80s get badly overlooked.

But this is an area that could be quietly invested in. An artist like Nic Jones is a case in point: his first three albums on Trailer issued between and have not been reissued for years and Penguin Eggs is a neglected classic. There is something of an investment market in Mint-condition copies of iconic albums. The vital factor is to buy a Mint copy that contains the original "Gem" production credit and not the "Mainman" credit on later issues.

Some readers will be amazed to see this album by the former Velvet Underground front man in this list, as they probably see it all the time at record fairs. Again, this is an iconic album, and the important thing to look out for is the first pressing, which had a fully laminated sleeve and different label credits and was originally pressed in a very small run before the Wild Side chart motherlode of Find one of these in Mint condition, stick it on eBay and the bidding will be "vicious".

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Otherwise keep it under lock and key. This 45 is here as a prime example of the amazing underbelly of music that was released beneath the radar in the early 70s. That one of the protagonists went on to make a packet in porn seems apt. As for investments, there are a number of unheralded glam stompers and pop gems that singular collectors like Robin Willis dig up that are appreciating in value and can all be read about on his wonderful Purepop1uk website. Although there are a number of hideously rare and obscure punk and DIY 7" singles and EPs that fetch money, one growing area of investment is punk LPs that were issued in and Bear in mind that this was initially a singles-led phenomenon, so early albums did not always sell heavily and are creeping up in value.

When the first Clash album was issued back in , the first 10, copies came with a sticker on the inner sleeve that could be sent into the NME to receive the Capital Radio EP featuring Mick Jones and Joe Strummer being interviewed by Tony Parsons on an underground train. It appears that 10, people did just that: although The Clash is a top punk collectable, not one of these LPs has turned up with the sticker intact.

Find one - no matter what the condition of the sleeve and LP - and that detective work will pay a handsome dividend.

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Her new album, The Last Living Rose, confirms her status as a serious artist whose longevity and investment potential is secure. There are a lot of post-punk singles, EPs, 12" and LPs worth buying with a view to future appreciation, and a first pressing of this debut LP by Joy Division should also be sought out for the perfect combination of brilliant music and fine-art Saville packaging. Copies in VG and Excellent turn over briskly in record shops and at fairs, so hunting down a Mint original copy of this, as well as their second LP, Closer, is advised.

The same applies to their first EP issued in the UK, which was limited to 2, copies.

Latest rock promo additions

From Planet to Postcard, there are some labels that are highly collectable, and if you marry that to a collectable artist then you are swinging your pick into the proverbial gold mine. This was the first Postcard single and came in a foldover sleeve in a poly bag along with a free flexi-disc that contains the live track Felicity. It is imperative to get everything in top order but this will keep growing in value as Orange Juice have remained constantly in demand.

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Metallica's longevity has thrown up many collectables to add some sparkle to a lot of run-of-the-mill values. One that will hold its value is this scarce mispressing of Creeping Death, which has one side with black vinyl and the other side with gold vinyl. This scarce Lee Perry LP is one that hardly ever turns up in decent nick, as this compilation of mostly Spaghetti Western-inspired tracks was probably played to death at Jamaican house parties well into the 70s.

It was released in the UK after tracks like Return Of Django not on this album began to reach white audiences. So if you find one with a sleeve and vinyl in Excellent or better condition it would be worth buying and salting away because, to paraphrase a Sergio Leone film title, collectors will soon be willing to pay A Few Pounds More Although the majority of what is termed Krautrock was issued in Germany, a fair number of fine examples came out in the UK which, although already collectable, are gaining increased value traction.

Faust, Neu! On a similar journey through the cosmos but with a British twist, Hawkwind will also increase in value.

Classical Record Collection UK ASD, SXL, SAX 1st Press vinyl records.

The Velvet Underground inspired a lot of krautrock and Mint original copies of their work should also be hunted down, as they never going to go down in price. Although ska, reggae and dub records from the 60s and 70s are well-known to collectors, with many fetching fantastic prices on eBay if rare and anywhere near Mint, one area that is shooting up in price is digi-dub reggae 12" singles from the 80s and 90s.

Trunk Records is the ultimate boutique label that strokes everything from soundtracks to British jazz, and the attention to detail, from packaging to the music, ensures that every limited-edition 7" or vinyl LP sells out. Original copies of Tubby Hayes' Voodoo Session 7" - limited to copies! Like Wire's, Love's first three albums were a perfect trio and, after that, everything was a musical coda that - some may argue - never quite recaptured the genie.

Forever Changes was a masterpiece of songs and arrangements which sold poorly on release, hence Mint copies of both the US and UK original will always hold their value or increase.

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There is currently a huge demand for albums issued in the 90s due to the limited number pressed. This stuff is only going one way in price - up. The key to appreciation is securing a Mint copy of the small first pressing that has a laminated sleeve and orange label. The green label is a second pressing. Sometimes record collecting is like going into a dark cinema and you need an usher to show you to your seat.

It was Mike Mastrangelo at Secret Records who shone his torch upon this sonic beauty.

One and the same

This Jamaican 12" boasts an infectious refrain of, "If you are a disco devil, I am a disco rebel" on the A-side, which has made it an in-demand track to be played out, sampled and collected. There is all manner of progressive or blues records from the period and beyond that are good investments even if Mint first pressings are attracting heavyweight bidding wars on eBay. One cheaper option is this album, which was, in effect, the second Julian's Treatment LP.

Savarin was also a science fiction writer and this album boiled down into music his first book of the Lemmus Trilogy that was published in the UK a year before this album was released. So a combination of a Mint LP and a pristine three-book set could be a winning combination.

The key thing here is to acquire a Mint copy complete with poster and box and make sure that the matrix numbers scream out first pressing. This guarantees an increase in price over time. It is vital that you know what to look for on the run-out groove, and sleeves, inserts, posters, vinyl and labels must be in immaculate condition for Bob, or indeed Geezer, to be your uncle. John Coltrane will never go out of fashion and the questing saxophonist's original albums issued in America remain sought-after by collectors all over the world.

Even though they have split up and Liam is giving us all the Beady Eye, Oasis remain a good medium-term investment.

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  4. Putting aside all of the brotherly bother, the first two albums rock like hell and continue to sell, although The Masterplan and Stop The Clocks are worth more and their run of 12" promotional singles were limited and will hold their value. This recent box set, which collected all of their albums was limited to 1, copies and looks set to appreciate. As do early Creation singles before Oasis signed to the label. Wed Closed. Thu - Fri - Sat - Sun Closed. Best cash prices paid. Home visits anywhere in the country for the right collection.

    Selling a Jazz or Blues collection? We buy collectable records, vinyl albums, 12" singles, 7" singles, EP's and picture discs. We have a particular interest in original UK pressings from the 60's, in particular, classical records released on Decca, Columbia and HMV. Kogan, Martzy, Oistrakh are always welcome.

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    It's complicated area but we are here to help. That old vinyl record collection has been taking up space? We don't cherry pick and buy complete collections. I buy vinyl records throughout the UK. Jazz and Blues records wanted.

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